Reasons for the Action

The Action will provide a range of academic and practitioner benefits as outlined as detailed in section C. Examples of immediate benefits that can be emphasized here include knowledge transfer between the three core subjects (achieved through a structured programme of networking meetings and activities) and development of research capacity in Early Career Researchers (ECRs) (through annual summer schools and short term scientific missions). Furthermore, the research will provide examples of best practice that will link to policy driven benefits.

In specific terms the Action is aimed at improving the societal needs and wellbeing of EU citizens. This will be through establishing interactions between tourism products, improving lifestyles (health/wellbeing) and ecosystems at various geographical levels. The Action will produce a range of innovative results in the form of academic publications alongside policy reports and recommendations regarding the impact, use and benefits of using tourism to improve wellbeing. Within both contexts outputs should include advice on new tourism products designed around wellbeing and ecosystem services.

These will allow healthy lifestyle products to be co-created between tourism organisations, consumers and land managers, which would lead to commercial benefits for tourism firms as well as improving the quality of tourism and natural resources in particular destinations.

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