How networking within the Action will yield the objectives?

At this stage the Action has already secured the interest of research centres in 18 different European countries, and will continue to work on its expansion. To capitalize on its geographic reach, different geographic and cultural contexts, and promote a larger involvement of ECRs from a variety of different European regions, network meetings/activities will be spread across the four key European regions in the network so far: i.e. Southwest Europe (Portugal and Spain), Northern Europe (e.g. UK, Iceland, Denmark and Finland), Western Europe (e.g. Netherlands, France, Switzerland) and Eastern Europe (e.g. Slovakia, Hungary and Romania). Individual research centers from each of the regions above have already expressed interest in organizing and commit the necessary resources for planned network meetings and activities (Working Groups’ workshops, summer training schools and Scientific Short Term Missions).

The majority of the partner organizations have ongoing nationally funded PhD programmes on the topics of the Action and all partners are committing at least one senior researcher to the Action. Therefore, the key means needed to secure the Action’s objectives in terms of human resources, time and funding are secured through national programmes, be it in terms of senior leading academics, ECRs or doctoral projects.

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