Prof Scott McCabe Social tourism and Well-being: A case study of the Family Holiday Association MC/WG Meeting  - April 2013
Prof Lora Fleming - The European Centre for Environment and Human Health   Selected Interdisciplinary Research and Approach MC/WG Meeting - April 2013
Cornelia Voigt Wellness Tourism: Acritical Overview MC/WG Meetings – Sept 2013
Dr Dolf de Groot Ecosystem Services (and Tourism) MC/WG Meetings – Sept 2013
Prof Noam Shoval Potential of Tracking Technologies for Research of Tourism and Ageing in the Social Sciences MC/ WG Meeting - Sept 2014
Benigno Amor Barreiro

The relationship between tourism and well-being in the Galician Helth Resorts: a combined form of leisure and therapy

MC/ WG Meeting - Sept 2014
Dr Steven Graham Successful Ageing Through Physical Activity & the Environment MC/ WG Meeting - Sept 2014

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