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These are the selected publications.

A double life cycle: determining tourism development in Macedonia Petrevska, B. and Collins-Kreiner, N.
Ecosystem and Human Health Martinez-Juarez, P., Chiabai, A., Gómez, S.Q. and Taylor, T.
Happiness and limits to sustainable tourism mobility: A new conceptual model Ram, Y., Nawijn, J. and Peeters, P.M.
On climate change skepticism and denial in tourism Hall, C.M., Amelung, B., Cohen, S., Eijgelaar, E., Gössling, S., Higham, J., Leemans, R., Peeters, P., Ram, Y. and Scott, D.
Tourism value chains revisitied and applied to rural well-being tourism Hjalager, A.M., Tervo-Kankare, K. and Tuohino, A.
Wellbeing- Conceptual Background and Research Practices Dluzewska, A.M.

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