Short Term Scientific Mission

COST Action IS1204: Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services (TObeWELL) 

Call for interest for 2015 

Among the instruments of a COST Action are Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). According to the HO2020 Vademecum (p.28-29), 

"these Missions (Exchange Visits) are aimed at strengthening the existing networks by allowing scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST Country to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to take measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory. They are particularly intended for young scientists." 

STSMs can last from 1 week (5 working days) up to a maximum of 3 months. The financial support is a contribution to the costs of a STSM and may not necessarily cover all the costs in each case. The grant should normally cover only travel and subsistence. The financial contribution for a STSM will be a fixed grant based on the Applicant's budget request and the evaluation of the application by the STSM assessment committee. An amount of EUR 60 to 90 for the daily allowance in particular for longer stays and EUR 300 for the travel is recommended but not obligatory. The total of a STSM shall normally not exceed EUR 2 500. Participants pay all costs up front and are reimbursed after the visit. 

The TObeWELL action agreed to arrange four STSMs in year 2015. STMSs are intended to be an instrument to foster collaboration amongst the partners involved in our COST Action. Therefore, researchers in the participating institutions are strongly encouraged to apply for funding. A representation of multiple (ideally all) working groups is strongly preferred. This call is for researchers intending to engage in an STSM in 2015. Calls for 2016 and beyond will follow later

A STSM may only be approved from a home institution in a COST participating country to a host institution in another COST participating country or to a formally approved host institution in a non-COST country. 


The Applicant is responsible for obtaining the agreement of the host institution, before submitting his/her application. The Applicant must use the on-line registration tool to register their request for an STSM (see, the STSM co-ordinator Edward H. Huijbens ( should be alerted to submitted applications. The following information has to be encoded with the registration: 

1. the Action number; 

2. the title of the planned STSM; 

3. the start and end date; 

4. the applicant's details, including key academic details and workplan; 

5. the applicant’s bank details; 

6. the host institution; 

7. financial data (amount for travel and subsistence). 


After encoding the information via the on-line registration tool, the Applicant will be issued a formal STSM application. This has to be downloaded and sent by the applicant electronically (by e-mail as attachment) together with any necessary document which the Applicant may regard as helpful in supporting the application at the evaluation process (such as CV, full workplan, list of publications, motivation letter, letter of support from the home institute etc.) to: 

  • the future Host institution of the STSM; 
  • the STSM coordinator.  

After the deadline, the STSM committee will review the applications and rank them if necessary, according to a few criteria. These criteria are: 

  • Fit with the COST Action’s themes 
  • Research stage of the applicant; in order of decreasing priority 
  • Early Stage Researchers (ESIs) who are close to the cut-off point for ESI’s used by COST (PhD+8 years) 
  • Other ESIs 
  • Others
  • Fair distribution across the four TObeWELL working groups (ideally one, and in principle no more than two per working group). 

The STSM coordinator will inform the Management Committee Chair of the result. Successful applicants will receive a Grant letter, confirming approval and indicating the level of the financial grant given. Within four weeks after the end of the STSM, grantees are required to submit a scientific report of max 2.000 words and following COST guidelines (see Vademecum part B, 14.11.1) to the host institution and the STSM coordinator.

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