Working groups

The Action is designed around 4 Working Groups (WG) that will explore complementary research areas under the following themes and plans of action:

WG 1. Network Relationships between tourism, wellbeing and ecosystem services: theoretical aspects, impacts and interdependences.
WG 2. Network Empirical and methodological research issues and approaches for tourism, wellbeing and ecosystem services.
WG 3. Network Ageing, wellbeing and Ecosystem services.
WG 4. Network  Towards research – informed policy making on Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services.


The 4 main WGs are clearly interrelated and they also share a series of key common features. These include:

(i) The idea of developing inclusive networks. This includes a good mix of experienced academics, early career researchers, PhD students and an appropriate gender balance. Indeed some of the applicants already have national and European (ESF) funded PhD students working on aspects of tourism and wellbeing . In addition, whilst many of the network partners are lead experts in their areas of research, we also recognise the need include other expertise. Meetings will therefore be open to other interested parties. This will include establishing links with those key complementary research programmes listed in Section B.4.

(ii) The creation of an accessible data base from the result research accessible to the wider academic community.

(iii) The publication of a series of key papers in high impact academic journals and a jointly edited book on the key research findings.

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